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every celebration is unique, so we think your dessert should be too!

Welcome to A Dash of Joy!  We specialize in interactive dessert bars for parties and events in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.  Right now we offer cupcake bars and s'mores bars, and we're always cooking up new fun ways to put an interactive spin on dessert! 

Interactive dessert bars are a fun way to do dessert at your next party, wedding, baby/bridal shower, graduation party, corporate event…well any celebration actually!  It allows your guests to get creative and have fun making their own dessert creations.

As much as we love dessert, we also love supporting locally owned businesses.  There are so many amazing people creating delicious desserts throughout Chicagoland, so it was a no brainer to use their sweets on our dessert bars.  Check out our Partners page to see who we work with!

Client Love

Yep, this is as good as it gets!  My wife and I used A Dash of Joy to cater the dessert for our wedding. With a wedding as big as ours (300+), the Cupcake Bar was the right choice: each person got the chance to create their own cupcake! They got to choose the flavor of the cupcake, a mousse filling to go inside (if so desired), the frosting, and the toppings!  Three months later, we still hear from people raving about the cupcake bar! Courtney and her employees were all super friendly and professional from beginning to end, which only complimented the deliciousness they served up. A Dash of Joy was a pleasure to work with, and we'll be sure to refer them or look them up next time we host or hear of an event.  Thank you, Courtney, for helping make our day!

About Courtney

Photo by Redwall Photography

Photo by Redwall Photography

Hi!  I'm Courtney, owner and chief joy maker at A Dash of Joy.  I love seeing a person's face light up when they realize they can create the cupcake or s'mores of their dreams at our dessert bars.  It brings out a child-like joy in them that fills me up!  

Here are a few other things I love:

Dogs: I LOVE dogs, they are just the best.  I love petting other people's dogs and literally cannot control myself when it comes to puppies, I must snuggle them!

Sweets: This one goes without saying, I don't discriminate against any type of dessert, I'm a lover of all of them.

Disney: I grew up in the golden age of Disney movies.  Play any Disney song and there's a 99.9% chance I know all the words (I'm up for a Disney sing-along any day!).  I also met my husband at Disney world, we worked together on the College Program at Epcot on a ride called Journey into Imagination.  It was one of the best times of my life.

Trying new food: I love tasting new cuisines and trying new restaurants.  I am so thankful that Chicago has so many great restaurants.  So many to try, not enough time (or belly space)!

Staying Active:  Basically I love eating, so I have to balance it out!  I love staying active and have dabbled in everything from Crossfit to Orange Theory Fitness to Yoga.

How it Works

Cupcake Bar

When you book a cupcake bar you are adding a fun and unique spin on dessert that your guests will love.  Our cupcake bartenders set up, serve, and tear down so you and your guests can enjoy the full experience of creating your own cupcake.  When a guest approaches the cupcake bar, they will first look at the cupcake bar menu, which is picked out by you!  Every package allows you to choose from a variety of cake flavors, fillings, frostings, and toppings to put together a menu that is unique to your tastes.  Your guests will be able to mix and match from the menu you choose to create their own special cupcake.  This ensures that every guest leaves satisfied with their own special cupcake creation!

S'mores Bar

Remember roasting s'mores around a campfire with your besties?  This is the next best thing!  Your guests will roast their own marshmallow and assemble their own s'more, mixing and matching different cookies, marshmallow flavors and chocolates to create their special 00ey-gooey treat.


Sprinkle some JOY into your next party!

Cupcake Bar| for parties of 50+

Starts at $4.99/person

Every Cupcake Bar comes with:

  • Cupcake bartender(s) who set up, serve, and tear down at your event
  • Cupcakes, frostings and toppings for every guest to enjoy a cupcake (or two!)
  • Choose from a variety of cake, filling and frosting flavors and toppings to create a cupcake bar that is unique to your event

Get a quote for a cupcake bar for your next celebration!

S'mores Bar | for parties of 50+

starts at $3.99/person

Every s'mores bar comes with:

  • An attendant who sets up the s'mores bar and keeps it stocked and organized during your event
  • Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolates for every guest to enjoy two s'mores
  • Choose from the simple package which includes all your standard favorites, or the gourmet package which allows you to mix and match different chocolates and cookies with gourmet marshmallows

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Dream Cakes Chicago

Dream Cakes makes the delicious cupcakes, fillings, and frostings we serve at our cupcake bars!  Check out their beautiful fondant cakes on Instagram!


XO Marshmallow

XO Marshmallow creates delicious hand-made gourmet marshmallows.  Our favorite flavor - salted caramel!


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