3 Unexpected Ways to Decorate a Halloween Candy Table

Decorating a Halloween themed sweets or candy table sounds easy, but it can quickly turn into a headache if you don't have the right elements on hand.  Lucky for you, I found 3 beautiful designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing for how you can make yours spooktacular! - sorry I couldn't help myself :) 

1.  Use a bookshelf or another unexpected piece of furniture

I love how they used a piece of furniture already in their home that's not a table!  This eliminates the need for you to clear off a table or drag that folding table up from the basement you never use.  It makes the whole sweets bar seem more casual and approachable as well, and the different shelves already lend themselves well to displaying things at different eye levels.  They also stuck with a limited color scheme, making it much easier to create a cohesive look.  Plus, this has cupcakes AND doughnuts, so you really can't go wrong.

2.  Use Fun Backdrops

I love the use of the cutout trees as a backdrop, it elevates the whole look of the table!  Bonus points for the cut out owls and bats too (see them!?), those small details make a big difference!  

3.  Spice it up with a Day of the Dead Theme

If you feel blah about the standard orange, black and white color scheme, brighten it up by going with a Day of the Dead theme.  I personally love the skull cutouts that are traditional in Day of the Dead decorations, they are a little spooky and a whole lot of artsy!

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