What I'll be Baking this Thanksgiving

Any holiday is an excuse to get creative in the kitchen in my book.  There are so many fun and seasonal flavors to play with that I usually find myself baking all weekend long.  It's relaxing for me and my family doesn't complain one bit :)  Here are a few recipes that I am thinking about making this Thanksgiving:

Pumpkin Bread


I figured we'd start with something classic and simple.  I love quick breads like this with eggs and coffee in the morning.  They also come together very quickly, so it's something that doesn't take much effort to do early in the morning.


Brisket Breakfast Biscuits


Yes, you read that right.  I recently took a trip down south to the Carolinas and Georgia and fell in love with the southern biscuit.  I think I'm in love.  This is a fun southern twist on eggs benedict that I can totally get behind for holiday eatin'.


Pumpkin Cheesecake


Paula Deen is the queen of rich food, so when I was looking for a good cheesecake to make I had to see what recipes she had.  My favorite cheesecakes include cream cheese and sour cream or yogurt, that combination makes them super smooth, tangy and silky.  I might change up the crust by swapping regular graham crackers for a mix of gingersnaps and pecans.


Layered Apple Harvest Cake


This is one of those cakes that can pass as a breakfast treat, or a dessert!  The best of both worlds in my opinion because you can have it for dessert in the evening and the next morning have it with your coffee too.  I love how she layers the apples in the batter throughout the cake!

Happy baking!