Color Story // Pale Dogwood


If you read the blog last week you'll know that I am working on putting together new looks for my cupcake bars!  Pantone released their colors for Spring 2017, and the one that is the most versatile is pale dogwood, a light pink.  I like it because it's a light pink but not overpowering or too feminine, especially when you combine it with some of the other shades listed in the 2017 color trends. 

I will be relying on this shade of pink a lot while putting together the different looks for the A Dash of Joy look book.  It's the prefect shade to let other colors stand out without relying on cream or white.  It warms everything up, which is perfect for spring! 

If you love this color and want it to shine as the primary color for your event, then I would recommend pairing it with a cream and using gold accents to bring out that warm undertone.  The pallete is so romantic, I don't think that you can choose a more romantic, soft pallete than that!

Check out the Pinterest board I created with all sorts of inspiration for using pale dogwood in your wedding!