Halloween Dessert Bars You Can Do At Home

Halloween is definitely a time of year when you can get creative with dessert.  Here are some fun Halloween dessert bars that you can do at home!

1. Caramel Apple Bar


When it comes to Halloween Dessert Bars, you can't go wrong with caramel apples.  Especially when you can incorporate so many fun sprinkles and toppings besides good old fashioned peanuts.  You can either go gourmet by making your own caramel apples, or go the easy way, and purchase caramel apples with no toppings at your grocery store.  On your Halloween dessert bar place the caramel coated apples on a nice plate and then display your different toppings in bowls.  Make sure the bowls are large enough that you can press your caramel apple into the toppings without them spilling everywhere.  For toppings use your favorite Halloween candy (my favorite is chopped up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) and get some amazing Halloween sprinkles!  Seriously, aren't those Halloween sprinkles awesome!?

2. Dirt in a Cup Bar

 Image: paintbrushesandpopsicles.com

Image: paintbrushesandpopsicles.com

Dirt in a cup, for me it brings back a lot of memories from birthday parties I went to as a child.  I think this old staple can be re-invented into a fun Halloween dessert bar that all ages will love!  All you need is to find your favorite chocolate pudding recipe (or heck, get the packaged stuff at the store) and alternate layers of the pudding with crumbled Oreo cookies in clear plastic cups.  Then set out your little cups of dirt on your table alongside bowls of fun candies and toppings that each guest can use to make their pot of dirt their own.  I would recommend mini marshmallow pumpkins, candy corn and gummy worms to play it safe, or take it up a notch and get gummy body parts and gravestones!

3. S'mores Bar


Chilly October evening + fire roasted s'mores = best fall evening.  Ever.  There are a few different ways that you can do a s'mores bar.  The first option (and my favorite) is letting guests roast their own marshmallows over a fire pit, or using sterno cans placed in a planter box.  This allows each person to roast their marshmallow exactly how they want it, since we know that you are either a lightly toasted person, or a burnt to a crisp person.  If you don't want to have an open flame, consider investing in a small culinary blow torch and toast each guest's marshmallow for them.  Jazz up the bar by including flavored marshmallows and all of your favorite Halloween chocolates (Reece's PB Cups for the win!).  You can even get creative with the cookies, instead of offering just regular grahams, how about chocolate chip cookies, or Oreos?  No time to do a s'mores bar on your own?  Give me a ring and I will turn you into the hostess with the mostest with our S'mores Bar.

So which Halloween dessert bar will you try out this year?  I promise that whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate the fact that they can customize and enjoy their own Halloween treat!